Fractures / Emergencies

We offer emergency appointments for foot and ankle injuries. Our office has digital x-rays and diagnostic ultrasound capabilities for urgent treatment and diagnosis.

Fractures occur when the tissue of the bone is disrupted and is usually the result of severe impact. There are also times when the bone has not been completely broken, but there are tiny cracks in the bone surface. This is referred to as a stress fracture and is a result of repeated stress to the bone. Stress fractures can occur from starting a new exercise program, repetitive motions associated with occupation, increased training or improper training technique. Fractures are managed depending on if they are well aligned or displaced. Most fractures can be managed with a removable or non-removable cast but some may require surgical correction and fixation. If it is suspected that you may have a fracture an x-ray will be preformed at the clinic and management of your case will be decided after careful evaluation of the x-ray.   We are able to apply splints and casts at the clinic and we also stock removable walking casts for your convenience.

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Proper care of the feet and ankles is vital to the overall health of people of all ages, and Leelanau Foot & Ankle go the extra mile needed to make sure our community’s needs are served with family-friendly warmth, compassion, and top-notch medical talent. Use this form to ask about our foot & ankle services. For confidential questions, please call us directly at 231-866-4406.

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